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The last few months have been incredibly busy at Nikon, not least because we’ve been releasing a host of new products. We thought it might be helpful to give you a run down on some of the cameras we’ve brought to market in recent weeks, and to invite you to let us know about your experiences of using them so far.

In August we released the D3100, the successor to the hugely successful D3000. The D3000 is our biggest selling D-SLR so the D3100 had a lot to live up to…We’re delighted that it’s had some fantastic reviews. T3 described it as “much a Nikon…the build is solid and well put together” and “a sound investment for any would-be Nikon owner starting out.”  Check out their full review here. Tech Radar also said that it was perfect for “those who had never tried a DSLR and wanted to give it a go”, so if that sounds like you, then please head across to Tech Radar for the full review here.

Hot on its heels in mid-September came the D7000, a D-SLR with 16.2 effective megapixels and a newly developed Nikon DX format CMOS image sensor. We’re big fans of gadget reviews site, Pocket Lint, so were thrilled when they called it the hottest DSLR we’ve ever made. Have a look at the write up here and see for yourself. Expert technology site CNET reckons its “packed full of tasty specs”, so if that sounds like your kind of camera then feel free to check out their full review here.

We’ve not only been working on D-SLRs – we’ve also recently announced some new additions to our COOLPIX range. Let’s start with the S1100pj, the successor to last year’s S1000pj. With its in-built projector it will not only beam your images 40% brighter than the model it replaces but it can also project them from your Mac or PC. We also released the S5100, which combines simple functionality with high quality shots in darker spots or even at night. See what DPreview had to say about both the S1100pj and the S5100 here. CNET said these new cameras were lighting up their lives – check out what else they had to say about them here.

So what do you think of our latest models?  Why not drop us a line and let us know. We’ll have another post up shortly with reviews of a couple more of our recent releases.

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  1. Nguyen Tung

    I think the AE Bracketing should be the standard feature of entry-level DSLR likes D3100 !

  2. long waithing D7000

    It is really what we have waiting for. When to anounce the price tag.. hope it is not to expensive :)

  3. SB700

    Speedlight that gone leep more than speed of light… wish to get one next year…

  4. Rob-L

    The D7000 sounds great! I’m still holding out for a mirroless offering from Nikon though.

  5. s1100pj

    It is a every body must have piece… bring it every where for fun, business or just personal entertainment… i just can’t think the boundary… it is really a piece of art, technology and a piece of mind. This could be the next noble prize design, could be as good as handphone nows day’s… every one must get this..

  6. outer space

    Congrat! for the D3 and D2 for becoming this year austronut at ISS… it is really out of this world.. moto: D3 = to being pro… D2 = is what differ. and out class others…

  7. VR2

    VR2? what..? how can? hey! u guys should try this lense.. it just outstanding.. it really un believable…

  8. NX2

    Hey! nikon.. it is really need a comment touch up from a real user.. need more user friendly interface… try to add more guide or sample on using it… creativity not only born with, but to me it also comes from a good manual instruction :)

  9. Richard Hargrave

    What I think is when is the D700 replacement coming out.

  10. cosmas

    D7000,sound great and still payable..;o)

  11. H.U. Zingg

    The Nikon D7000 is what I have waiting for! This weekend will be the release of the D7000 and I am looking for to hold it im my hands.

  12. Laurie-B

    The new releases are welcomed and long awaited. The 7000 looks very interesting and heightens anticipation of great things to come with the D3 and D300 full replacements.

    Any chance for the 80-400mm remake this century?

  13. Si Griffiths

    The D3100 is an awesome beginners camera and solves all the problems I had with the D3000 (mostly how damn slow the thing was).

    Great camera for next to nothing.