The D3100 Red – our first ever vibrantly coloured D-SLR


We’re delighted to announce that our bestselling D-SLR, the D3100, will be available across Europe in a vibrant red colour from 22nd September.

The D3100 Red will be our first ever primary coloured D-SLR and will offer the same 14.2 megapixels, Guide Mode, full HD movie and Live View modes as our hugely popular D3100.

The D3100 Red is a fantastic introduction to the world of SLR photography. We’ve designed it to help you capture all of life’s important moments in perfect quality so you can focus less time on settings such as aperture and ISO, and more time ensuring that the perfect picture doesn’t pass you by.

What do you make of our D3100 Red? Having a colour D-SLR is a first for us and we’re excited to hear what you think, so do let us know.

A picture of the new red Nikon D3100
Nikon D3100 Red. Image © Nikon / I AM Nikon

A picture of the new red Nikon D3100
Nikon D3100 Red. Image © Nikon / I AM Nikon

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  1. watst

    D7000 YELLOW! :D

  2. Miuel

    You have to make white cameras, because white reflects the light and the camera kees cooler!!

  3. Steph

    it’s about time! :)

  4. Justin

    Beautiful color! Too bad the lens cannot be red too.

  5. Diana H. Dávila

    I love it already!

  6. Mark

    Is there any way i can give you my D3100 and you hand me a red one :D? (I guess not) Love it!

  7. Daniel

    Nikon is pulling a Pentax? Great.

  8. steve henson

    Anyone want to treat a wheelchair pusher to one of these? I will never earn enough to buy one

  9. Mark


  10. Fagerbacka

    Finally! Nice!
    But why not a yellow! A Nikon yellow!!

  11. Steve Smith

    My other half’s been using a red Sony NEX-3 for a while now and has been looking to step up into a proper DSLR, she wants to be able to use my lenses so she’s limited into Nikon but really fancied the coloured options competition companies offered (yes, she’s a bit of a material girl).
    She saw this and is sold, roll on release date!

  12. red

    i will be buying the d3100 brfor xmas, making in red has just increaced my need to get in quicker keep up the good work

  13. Nu-Mogul

    I feel so special having bought this camera!

  14. andrew

    got my red d3100 month ago..it was offered in very limited quantity here in the Philippines. sources indicates that only 50 samples were released here and most of the units are not on display and are stored secretly inside the stores due to limited stocks. i have put on a tamron 70-300mm and a black battery grip with black body strap. now my d3100 looks as cool as the photos it produces. traditional dslr users whoa are used to black cameras always have a hard time admitting their admiration for my camera..

  15. Priya

    What stores sell the Red nikon in the UK?

    Thank you

  16. Suzanne

    Beautiful, love the colors