Introducing the D5100: A new perspective for your creativity!


Getting a really unique and interesting photograph or movie is never easy – as our recent poll showed there are a lot of very similar sunset pictures out there! But we’ve just launched a new DSLR, the D5100, which will give you a helping hand.

The new D5100

The D5100 has lots of features to spice up your photography: the first noticeable feature is the vari-angle screen with Live View to help get a more creative angle. Whether you’re lowering it to the ground or holding it above your head, you can still easily see everything you’re shooting, which is also great for those images that are hard to get.

The D5100’s vari-angle screen.

The D5100 also a new special effect mode with seven effects to give basic shots a whole new look – and they’re applied whilst your shooting, or filming, so you can immediately see what the end result will look like.

New Special Effect Mode.

Take ‘Selective Colour’ as an example, you can pick up to three colours to appear in a photo or movie whilst other areas are monochrome – see the picture below for an example of this and ‘Colour Sketch’ which turns your photo or movie into a line drawing. You can also choose the Miniature feature which makes distant subjects look like they are miniature scale models. To read more about the other special effects, visit our product page for all the details.

Two of the D5100’s special effects, Selective Colour and Colour Sketch.

Aside from that it’s got a 16.2 CMOS sensor to give you vibrant colour and fantastic detail, even when there’s limited light, and full (1080p) HD movie, which records up to 30fps and can be used alongside the special effects function for that creative edge. And there’s no need to worry about being in focus, the AF-F will handle that for you.

If you are shooting in low light this new DSLR has an expanded sensitivity range to further help capture brilliant images in challenging light conditions – the ISO ranges from 100 to 6400 and can be raised to ISO 25600 at Hi 2, so you get low-noise images that don’t lose the details.

Then there’s the razor sharp 11-point AutoFocus system, which will quickly and precisely track your subject, wherever it is in the frame. It that isn’t enough, to ensure you get a really great photos the D5100 comes with our new High Dynamic Range (HDR) function which makes sure all the detail is retained when there are extreme contrasts in light. It does this by taking two images at varying exposures in a single release, which are combined to produce a single image.

You can find out more details here, or check out the product video on our YouTube channel. We’ve also just launched our brand new D5100 Facebook tab which you can view here.

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  1. John Williamson

    The vari-angle screen is back! When the D5000 was dropped from the line I wondered if I would have to change systems, as it was one of the reasons that I had come back to Nikon. Now I can happily keep my D5000 and the other gear that I’ve bought, and look forward to all of the new features in the new D5100.

    Thank you for listening to us, Nikon…

  2. Ridwan Atma Wijaya

    as predicted….. D7000 sensor… with creativity…..

    nice job Nikon

  3. Nikon D5100 Price

    Great Information. I was so glad to see the vari-angle screen return on the D5100. What is most appealing is the HD video mode. Nikon hit a home-run with the D5100!

    Nikon D5100 Price