Nikon snaps up “European Advanced SLR Camera of the Year” at EISA Awards

Less than a year after its launch, we’ve acquired quite a collection of silverware for our D7000, which has just won the ‘European Advanced SLR Camera of the Year’ at the EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association) awards. This follows up on its success in April at the TIPA (Technical Image Press Association) awards, where it won ‘Best D-SLR Advanced’, and the red dot product design awards, where it was also honoured for its design quality.

At the EISA awards, the judges were impressed by the D7000’s range of high-end features, including high-speed autofocus, a bright 3-inch LCD, dust control, dual SDXC card slots and Full HD Video, commenting, “This is a camera that can give amateur photographers professional-looking images” and that it had “An exceptionally good noise-control system”.

The EISA Awards recognise those products that will be appreciated by an enthusiast and professional audience who want high quality and creative features. The awards were chosen by panels representing over 50 prominent photo, video, audio, home theatre and mobile electronics magazines from around 20 European countries.

Jordi Brinkman, Product Manager for Nikon Europe, says: “That a mid-range D-SLR has won the Advanced category is testament to the fact that we’ve put more high-performance features into the D7000 than you might expect, considering its price point. From its new 16.2 megapixel CMOS image sensor, AF system and metering sensor, to the much more compact, magnesium alloy body, we have had very positive feedback on the features and the massive benefits in ease-of-use and creativity that these bring to the photographer.”

Pro photographer, Nikon user and recent blog contributor Richard Peters recently posted his review of our D7000. Testing it in a range of conditions, he captured some really great shots with it. You can check out his photos along with the full review of the camera on his blog.

Nikon D7000
Image © Nikon / I AM Nikon

Aside from the great reviews and excitement of winning industry awards for our cameras, we’re always keen to know your own experiences and feedback on our cameras. Do you own a D7000? Do you think it’s worthy of an award? Let us know!

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    I have the D3100, but I’m eager to get my hand on the D7000 from the work of users on flickr and FB, wish I close my eyes and open them to see the big and amazing D7000 in my hands.

  2. Mel Snyder

    Up until a shoot the past few days, I was very much taken by my D7000. However, I’ve discovered that in flat, low light, with wide angle (11-16mm zoom) it Is challenged…very challenged. With a Nikon 35mm f2 or a 50mm f1.8, the AF works quite well.

    The use of AIS lenses for video…GREAT! I shot with an 85mm f2, and the video closeups were dazzling. I have been meaning to purchase a Hoodman magnifier/hood – I purchased an extra LCD protector to which I planned to glue it – and I am sure that will even enhance the video more.

    I’ve decided that, in the future, when must shoot both video and stills on an assignment, I will carry my D300 for stills. Switching between modes when the pressure gets heavy leads to forefront the camera is in manual mode when switching from video to stills. But when the pressure is off, both can be shot with a single camera…as long as the light levels are reasonable.


  3. Kai

    What can be wrong with Nikon D7k, 4 month in my hand a superb quality DSLR Nikon made with very amazing price…ISO 1600, no problem…….quick, fast AF and very accurate metering….and amazing CMOS sensor.