I AM inked: Nikon Tattoo Tributes


A commitment to photography can last a lifetime, but it takes some serious dedication to show your affinity with a permanent piece of body art.

So imagine how flattered we were to find that some people love their Nikons so much that they have paid them the ultimate tribute, with a special Nikon tattoo.

Professional fashion photographer Elliott Morgan was the first person we spotted who has demonstrated his love for his Nikon for all to see. He uses his Nikon D40x for almost all of his fashion photography, and says the camera means a great deal to him. Elliott had his camera tattoo done nearly two years ago.

Images courtesy of Elliot Morgan’s Flickr page

Since then, we’ve found tattoos showing an interesting take on the Nikon name and the yellow Nikon square, a very arty image of a Nikon FE taken with a Nikon D40, an homage to the D90 with the strapline ‘Keep Calm and Snap On’, and a very beautifully framed DSLR in ink. One witty Nikon lover has even found a way of making sure he always gets the best out of his subjects – with a ‘Smile’ finger tattoo!

Have you gone to extreme lengths to show your devotion? If so, let us know!

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  1. Florin

    Well done! I have one too: http://i183.photobucket.com/albums/x7/birbal/183835_10150106251367445_7828882444_6318330_4968944_n.jpg That’s because I love Nikon.


  2. Garry Becwar

    nice post!